How Random are online slots?

So, are all online slots random? This is a question asked by many players that want to know what the quality of the product is like before playing them. Here we discuss how online slot machines are made and will inform you of the fact behind the programming which many players are not aware of at all.

Fair Games from Fair Casinos

To begin discussing the fairness of a game, we have to go back and look at the casino and how it is able to be in the position of providing an online gambling service to players in South Africa. At our friend’s site. you will be able to obtain the current top 10 websites that are open on the SA market. These casinos are licensed to be able to legally function as a gambling operator, and they are also regulated to provide a fair and honest service to players within. All casinos must follow a strict rule of law, the guidelines of a casino are set by governing bodies and independent authorities which either make or break a casino at the stages of becoming a valid site.

This is where bodies like the UK Gambling Commission and eCOGRA come and provide their authoritative work to make sure you are part of a site that is legitimate in gaming services.

What are Random Number Generator Slots?

Now you have the best casinos lined up that are certified as a fair destination to head into, next you need the best online slots.

In the discussion of random gameplay, we turn to the making of online casino slots and their programming. The RNG is an algorithm used by software developers to make what is essentially the brains of the game. At this stage, many players will never have heard of the RNG, this stands for the Random Number Generator.

The RNG to put it into layman’s terms works like a microprocessor, this runs a specialist program just as any computer would do, with commands, systems of data, actions and results. In the function of the RNG, it generates different numbers that correlate to the symbols found within the online slot machine.

The RNG is continuously cycling through numbers, generating up to 4 billion. Now as each reel spins the RNG is going through these numbers and when matching to those of the corresponding symbols, this determines what is won or lost if they do not match.

Think of it as a bingo machine or lottery device. The numbers cycling through the cage or machine will match with what you have on your ticket until the number drawn matches your ticket numbers. Each one matching is a win. It is the algorithms that generate the numbers which are tested by the likes of the eCOGRA board to make sure everything is fair and above board.

The Principles of the RNG Algorithm

The algorithm is fair, and this can easily be diluted down to the idea of a coin flip. Without getting into the mind-boggling numbers of what the algorithm processes and what the odds are for each symbol, look at what a coin toss does. You have a principle of 5050; these can be seen as two different slot symbols. If you were to flip the coin a hundred times the outcome will not be a 5050 split, you won’t see the same symbol or the head of the coin 50 times and the other symbol or tail 50 times. It’s the same with the slot, no same formulation of symbols will ever align when the reel stops outside of a win. This is what makes the game fair. It all comes down to the numbered sequence of the symbols and the RNG randomly landing the same ones to produce the winning outcome.